What is PAR?

The Peer Assistance and Review Program (PAR) was negotiated and established in the Fremont Unified School District to give teachers assistance and support in order to continuously improve their professional practice.


The PAR program serves teachers who request assistance as well as teachers who are referred to the program. All aspects of the program are confidential.


The governing body for the PAR program is the Joint Panel, which consists of five members: three certificated classroom teachers selected by the Association and two administrators selected by the District. The Panel administers and implements the PAR Program, which includes managing the budgetary dollars available to the program from the State of California. The Panel selects Consulting Teacher(s) who work directly with the referred and voluntary teachers. The PAR Panel has also, depending on state funding, awarded professional development grants to teachers in the school district.


Further details of the PAR program can be found in the FUSD/FUDTA Contract, Article 31.

Access the PAR application here.

Teacher Induction Program

The purpose of the FUSD Teacher Induction program is to offer teachers who hold a Preliminary Multiple Subjects or Single Subject Credential the opportunity to fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Credential and to increase the retention rate of new teachers in FUSD.

Intensive individualized support and assistance is provided to new teachers through the services of a knowledgeable teacher, called a Support Provider, who can help focus the beginner’s attention on the more complex picture of teaching. The goal of this support is to improve the educational performance of students and to enable the new teacher to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically, socio-economically, and academically diverse. When formative assessment is well done with trained experienced teachers, new teachers improve their teaching and establish a commitment to continuous self improvement.

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