The Contract that has been negotiated between the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association and the Fremont Unified School District sets the terms and conditions of employment for the certificated, non-management employees of the FUSD.  The Contract is a legal, binding agreement between the two parties for topics such as salaries, class size, leaves, benefits, safety, and numerous other working conditions.


When there is an alleged violation of the Contract, any individual unit member or members may file a grievance.  The procedure is outlined in Article 6 of the Contract.  We encourage unit members to first attempt to resolve possible violations informally at their sites.  This informal level can be handled by the unit member, a FUDTA Site Representative, or the Site Liaison Committee.  However, if it is not possible to resolve at the informal level, a grievance should be filed on an official form within the timeline.


Site Representatives are trained annually in the process of filing for grievances and are an excellent resource.  It is helpful when unit members discuss the matter with their Site Rep, a member of the FUDTA Grievance Committee, the President or the Executive Director before filing a formal grievance.  It is important that we uphold the Contract and do not ignore violations.


Complaints are issues or concerns not covered by the Contract and therefore are not grievances.  Complaints may be handled informally through your FUDTA Site Liaison Committee or more formally through Board Policy Number 1312.  For a disagreement between unit members, please refer to Article 30.5 of the FUDTA/FUSD Contract.

Access the Level I Grievance Form here.

Access the Level II Grievance Form here.

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