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Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

Updated: May 7, 2021

Rep Council yesterday renewed FUDTA's commitment standing against Anti-Asian hate. Adding to the linked statement originally approved at the March Rep Council, they have approved the following addendums, unfortunately made necessary by more recent events.

Addendum, March 20th, 2021 The recent murders in Atlanta are rooted in violent systems that oppress and harm immigrants, those in other countries, women, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and working class individuals. We must commit to dismantling the violent structures of xenophobia, imperialism, misogyny, racism, and classism, which begins with actively recognizing that every individual in our community holds multiple identities that intersect and overlap and feels the impact of violence in different ways. We grieve with our Asian and Asian American communities and remain committed to systemic change within our schools and greater community. We also want to amplify and show our support for the grassroots organizations (linked here) that advocate for and provide material aid to the communities most directly impacted. -- Second Addendum, April 23th, 2021 Since the writing of this statement and the previous addendum on March 20th, there have followed several acts of violence targeting our marginalized communities. It is with a heavy heart that we must address the recent mass shooting in Indianapolis, which claimed 8 lives, including 4 members of the Sikh community: Matthew Alexander, Samaria Blackwell, Amarjeet Johal, Jaswinder Kaur, Jaswinder Singh, Amarjit Sekhon, Karli Smith, and John Weisert. Given FUSD’s own history with human and equity rights violations related to its Sikh students, we continue to urge the district to take meaningful action that produces material change – beginning with, and not limited to, the steps outlined above – to ensure that every student has the chance to feel seen, appreciated, heard, and loved by their school community.

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