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Teachers living with parents to keep jobs

Fremont educators are forced to make tough choices like living at home with parents since we are unable to make it on our FUSD salaries. This leaves many newer teachers still pondering, "What I want to do when I grow up," since being an educator in Fremont is just not sustainable. We need to do better for our Fremont students and prevent this revolving door.

January 11 Walk Ins Coverage on NBC

"The District is not getting the message that they can't take our cost of living allowance and spend it on other things. The cost of living allowance is for the people who have to live and work here in order to serve our students." 

3 Ways YOU Can Help

Dear FUSD parents and guardians,

     As you know, the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association (FUDTA) is navigating contract negotiations with a district unwilling to negotiate a fair contract. Rising costs in health care and housing force the teachers of FUSD to make drastic decisions to either move hours away from the city in which they work, or move to a district that offers healthcare and better compensation. How this plays out at individual school sites: (1) Students see new faces each year and the schools struggle to maintain a sense of community. (2) Trained and experienced educators are replaced with newer educators, who likely would benefit from training and guidance from those educators that have moved on. (3) This compounding issue then results in a decrease in the quality and effectiveness at all grade levels. This is a problem that must be stopped.

   Share this message to other parent leaders, who you feel would like to know more about how the negotiations between FUSD and FUDTA are going and what they can do to support the teachers. Here are 3 ways to help:


1. Contact the School Board Members:

Michele Berke:

Desrie Campbell

Larry Sweeney

Ann Crosbie

Diane Jones

2. Join Teachers in the front of your school to show your support and Walk-in with them on Fridays.

3. Speak at the School Board Meetings :

February 13 (Wed)  Mission High and Centerville

February 26 (Tues) * at Fremont City Hall Glenmoor

February 27 (Wed) Hopkins, MSJE, Maloney Leitch,                                            and Forest Park

March 13 (Wed) American, Harvey Green, School Psychologists and Prog.Specialists.

March 26 (Tues) Ardenwood, Mattos

March 27 (Wed) Azevada, Durham, Chadbourne

April 10 (Wed) Gomes, Weibel

(Check with your teachers to see which day your school is going)

Parent "Extra Credit"

1. Place an "I Support Fremont Educators" placard in your car window.

FUSD Timeline of Events

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Working to the Rule Parent Flyer

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 Childcare Care Leave Flyer

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Working to the Rule Parent Flyer

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