Even though this November did not bring with it a big Election Day, CTA Union Educators throughout California are already finding themselves in the midst of political campaigning at the ground level with getting constituent support for Schools and Communities First, FUDTA members included. Passing this initiative will bring increased wraparound services for our children, both in school and out. We were early supporters of this ballot initiative because we know the detailed plans for fund distribution will directly support the students we care for in public education.


Meanwhile on a local level, FUSD is considering how and what a potential Parcel Tax will look like on a March or November ballot. Historically, FUDTA, with our notoriously strong volunteerism, has been a critical support to getting such measures passed in Fremont. While FUDTA would not endorse before we see the proposal from the School Board, to be proactive our leadership continues to emphasize that a collaborative working relationship with respect to the financial state of FUSD requires transparency and integrity on their part. Personally at this time, I am deeply frustrated with how much misleading information District Management has put out there, both for the School Board and Fremont community. They seem to spend 5 hours projecting doom and gloom a decade out for every 1 minute they invest into being reflective about how their most recent previous projections were TENS OF MILLIONS OFF. In education we know that mistakes are okay, but refusing to learn from them is not.


Remember that our district is thriving because of you, and 35,000* students are incredibly fortunate to have you in their education journey.  FUDTA is strong because of each and every union member- because of the expertise you bring, the professionalism you have, and the accountability you demand on behalf of your students.



Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving, and thank you for all you do!



*To be more accurate 34,991- for those of you actively tracking the [steep?] enrollment declines District Management is reporting.

Happening in FUDTA

Congratulations to the new PAR Joint Panel member, Aubrey Wong from Mission Valley and the new Secondary Director, Jess McCauley from Mission San Jose High School.

Both ran unopposed and were voted in by acclamation at the October 17, 2019 Rep Council Meeting.

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We are so proud of our unit members and the work you all do as educators. Unfortunately, from time to time you may face an accusation and be approached by an administrator or a police officer who "just wants to ask a few questions."


FUDTA advises you to state calmly but firmly to an administrator:  "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my association representative be present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions." You have protection under the law (Weingarten Rights) as well as our negotiated Agreement with FUSD.


FUDTA advises you to state to a police officer, including an SRO: "I will need to postpone this conversation until after I meet with my attorney."


In any of these situations, please contact the FUDTA Office immediately at 510-791-8366 for assistance.

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